Daniel Maguire and his Canadian flag speedo have returned to "Bachelor in Paradise" for the fourth season last week ready to make a viral mark on an already controversial season.

The reality star walked onto "Bachelor in Paradise" in this season's trailer claiming he wanted to make a sex tape, since that's what "the most successful people" do.

"Kardashians are one of the biggest names in the world, some of the richest and a big part is because of a sex tape. It's kind of pathetic that's what society is nowadays. Paris Hilton same sort of thing. So I'm kind of poking fun at them, poking fun at society and I'm being sarcastic," he later explained to TooFab. "I wouldn't really do that, but you never know because if I get desperate and need money, it's a good thing to do."

Although he didn't accomplish his mission this season, Maguire said he would totally be down for the count "if the money was right."

"One billion dollars? If you don't do that, you're killing people basically."

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