Update 8/22/17 9:40a.m.:

A Fox News spokesperson told TooFab that Tucker Carlson's remark was indeed a joke. Or as Carlson put it in a statement, "a test."

"It was a test to see if liberals are really as slow and humorless as people claim. Turns out they are," Carlson said.


Twitter had a field day Monday after Fox News host Tucker Carlson praised President Donald Trump for looking directly at Monday's total solar eclipse without protective eyewear.

"In a move that is not a complete surprise, [Trump] looked at the sun without any glasses," Carlson said Monday. "Perhaps the most impressive thing any president has ever done."

Carlson's straight-faced delivery made it hard to tell if the line was meant to be a joke, but given his history of being one of Trump's most staunch supporters in the media, people went wild.

The line particularly resonated with Twitter users because hours before Carlson's show aired, humor writer Jason O. Gilbert posted a parody "preview" of the conservative TV personality's monologue.

Take a look at some of the best reactions to parody becoming reality -- or perhaps just another one of Carlson's bad jokes landing with a thud.

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