Twitter's Got Jokes Over Why Sarah Huckabee Sanders Can't Answer One Simple Question
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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave her first press conference in three weeks Thursday, where she refused to answer any and all questions about Donald Trump's plan to "close down our government."

Trump said Tuesday during his off the rails speech at an Arizona Rally that he was willing cut off government spending in order to pay for the Mexico border wall.

Sanders dodged reporters when they asked for clarification on what POTUS meant, or how he planned on shutting down the government.

Jon Karl of ABC News asked Sanders: "The president promised over and over again during the campaign that Mexico would pay for the wall, why is he now threatening a government shutdown if Congress won't pay for it?"

Sanders hardly answered the question in her response.

"The president is committed to making sure this gets done," she said. "We know that the wall and other security measures at the border work, we've seen that take place over the last decade, and we're committed to making sure the American people are protected."

This happened repeatedly during the press conference, and at one point Sanders declared that she was done answering wall questions. Immediately after her deflection, people took to Twitter with some hilarious reaction of Sanders' response.

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