James Corden got into some deep goop Monday night when Gwyneth Paltrow walked on the "Late Late Show" stage right as he was bad-mouthing the first issue of the actress' new magazine Monday night.

Corden took aim at the cover of the first-ever print edition of Goop, a lifestyle brand Paltrow created years ago, and made fun of the messy cover, featuring the actress laying half-naked in a mud-like substance.

"She's covered in that thick, brown liquid. We actually fixed the cover to be more appropriate," the late-night host said, changing "Goop" to "Poop" on the cover.

"I've got to say, looking at this magazine, pretending to be down to earth has been Gwyneth Paltrow's best performance yet," he joked.

Then Paltrow appeared on stage rolling her eyes as Corden continued to rip the magazine apart.

After quietly listening to the roast, Paltrow made her appearance known with a cough, but instead of getting angry, she proceeded to point out how Goop has proved beneficial to Corden's staff.

Corden's side-kick Reggie Watts gets in on the action, as well as a guy who embraces the "vaginal steaming," despite not having one.

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