'Dynasty' Cast Teases CW Reboot's Dramatic Catfights: 'Let's Give the Audience What They Want'
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"Dynasty" is fighting its way back to television nearly three decades after ABC cancelled the original long-running soap opera, and rest assured, this reboot aims to deliver even bigger drama.

TooFab spoke with the cast of the new CW show at PaleyFest in Los Angeles on Saturday, and where they confirmed "Gossip Girl" creator Josh Schwartz has taken the elements that made the original a hit to a whole new level.

"That's a big difference between my Blake and John Forsythe," Grant Show said about his version of the controlling wealthy father, Blake Carrington. "I don't think John Forsythe ever got into a fight, did he? He shoved a guy once and killed him, but I get into fights."

And while Show told TooFab filming those fight scenes are "never really fun," because he doesn't have the opportunity to show off his real-life fighting skills, the women of the show came around to them.

"Liz and I were not really keen on them for many reasons," Nathalie Kelley told TooFab. "My reason was because I didn't know how I felt about fighting with women and I'm a woman's woman, and what does this say about my feminists beliefs? But at the end of the day we really enjoyed being physical with each other. We were just like, 'We're not going to overthink this. This is 'Dynasty.' This is The CW. Let's give the audience what they want and have fun.'"

Rafael de la Fuente, who will be playing the male version of Heather Locklear's Sam 'Sammy Jo' Flores hinted to TooFab that although he hasn't filmed a fight scene, there may be one coming very soon.

"Look, I mean it's 'Dynasty' there has to be catfights," he said.

"Dynasty" premieres Oct. 11 on The CW.

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