Fergie Details 'Ninja Pirate' Sex Life With Josh Duhamel Days Before Announcing Split


Fergie got into some hot and heavy details surrounding her sex life with Josh Duhamel just days before announcing their separation.

When asked how she keeps her eight-year marriage "spicy and fresh" on KTU's 103.5 in New York on Monday, the "Dutchess" laughed awkwardly before going into detail about her latex getups that she keeps out of her 4-year-old son Axl's reach.

"I have an Axl-safe costume closet where I have all my superhero stuff," she revealed. "That one doesn't have a combination. [But] I do have one that's locked that's a little bit more mature."

"I run around my house like I'm a ninja pirate or I'm Supergirl meets Batgirl," Fergie add. "We run around the house and I'm -- you would be surprised. When I say 'work hard, play hard,' it used to be 'play' meant going out to the clubs and all of that -- and once in a great while I get to do that, and I love it and it's so much fun and I do it up -- but most of my 'play hard' is running around dressing up like a ninja princess or a pirate or any costume -- a Power Ranger..."

Fergie said she didn't bring any of the costumes with her to New York.

"[Josh] is not on this trip, but I'm flying right back to him," she said. "I like to let him decide because I like to let his imagination go and see where he takes it, so now he's doing a lot of fusion stuff, which is a little confusing for me 'cause I'm like, 'This is this category,' and he's like, 'No, ninja pirates!' So the Ninja pirates are now as one. You can just kind of do a fusion."

The topic of her sex life came up after Fergie addressed speculation that she and Josh were contemplating adoption.

"I've heard so many rumors about all of that. I have no idea what's in the future," she said before switching subjects to her upcoming album, which she described as "a different kind of baby."

Fergie said "Double Dutchess," which drops Sept. 22., is "a visual experience" and has "a video for every single song."

"I have a playful side and an aggressive side and then I also have a very sensitive side," she said of the album's themes. "I love really hard and I'm like a little romantic inside."

Listen to Fergie's full interview in the video below.

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