Harvey Levin Reveals Which Obama He Would Love to Have on His New Fox News Series 'Objectified'
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Levin tells TooFab: "The word on the street at Harvard was they were both incredibly smart, but people thought [this Obama] was the real star."

TMZ boss Harvey Levin already filmed his 10-episode series on Fox News Channel called "Objectified," but if the series is picked for a second season he would love to sit down and chat with Michelle Obama. It's not to say Levin would turn down Barack Obama, but he's just fascinated by learning more about the former first lady.

"I think we know so much about him than we know about her, but not as much and I think she is such a strong, amazing figure," Levin tells TooFab in an interview on Friday.

Levin said his interest peaked in the woman behind the former president when he heard great things from mutual friends.

"I know people who were in law school with them at Harvard and the word on the street at Harvard was they were both incredibly smart, but people thought she was the real star."

Debuting Sunday night, "Objectified" will showcase Levin's intimate interviews with high-profile newsmakers or celebrities, who will tell their life story through sentimental personal objects they have chosen to keep close over the years. The objects serve as jumping points in understanding how experiences shaped them into who they are today.

The lineup for the 10-episode Fox News series also features Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tyler Perry, Mark Cuban, Shaquille O'Neal, Hulk Hogan, Simon Cowell and Martha Stewart.

TooFab asked Levin what first word came to mind for each of his "Objectified" interview subjects and he instantly joked, "Well, it's going to be more than one word."

He then teased some interesting tidbits about all of them, including Perry.

"Inspirational. He should be dead based on the way his childhood kind of rolled out. It was a nightmare and how he persevered and succeed is remarkable."

See what Levin had to say about the Obamas during our TooFab interview:

Watch more of our interview with Levin below:

_"Objectified" premieres on Fox News Channel Sunday, Sept. 17 at 8 ET.

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