Madonna's Kim Kardashian Impression Might Be One of the Best Things on Internet
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This is what Madonna thinks Kim Kardashian sounds like when she shows up to a party...

Madonna stopped by "The Tonight Show" Monday, where she showed off her best Kim Kardashian impression during a game of Lip Flip with Jimmy Fallon.

In the hilarious game, cameras take one person's talking mouth and superimpose it onto the face of the other person. After discussing the eclipse with the mega pop star, Jimmy -- whose lips were superimposed on Madonna's face -- asked Madonna -- whose lips were superimposed on Jimmy's face -- to do her best impression of Kim K entering a party.

"Haiiiii. Hiii," Madonna responded in her best Kim voice.

Fallon then asked her what Kardashian would sound like if she were leaving a party.

"Baiiiii," Madonna replied with a cute hand wave.

Watch Madonna and Fallon crack themselves up in the clip below.

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