"This Is Us" Best Show Moments So Far

"Writers must be popping champagne over that Kardashian joke right now," one fan tweets.

"This Is Us" fans have patiently waited for the past six months and 12 days to find out what happened to Jack Pearson, the imperfect patriarch played by Milo Ventimiglia and the Season 2 premiere Tuesday night provided viewers with a very large piece of that emotional puzzle.

Although the hit drama series didn't show Jack's demise, viewers did see a series of shots such as his wife Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) hysterical reaction when she sat outside their home, gutted from a fire, with Jack's personal effects in a plastic bag, hinting that he may have perished in a fire.

"Legitimate chills that last scene of #ThisIsUs I remember having those exact emotions when I lost my dad & it allll came back," one user tweeted.

But it wasn't all heartbreaking. Viewers also got a good belly laugh when Kevin (Justin Hartley), ironically said, "The Kardashian’s are like gremlins, by next week they'll be a bazillion more of 'em." The joke couldn't have had better timing since the news of Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy broke earlier in the day, just four days after reports of younger half-sister Kyle Jenner's pregnancy began circulating.

"That #Kardashians reference on @NBCThisisUs ...HOW DID KEVIN KNOW? #ThisIsUs @justinhartley," one user tweeted.

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