Savannah Guthrie and Andy Cohen Defend Megyn Kelly After That Awkward Jane Fonda Interview
Megyn Kelly's Most Stylish Moments

"I think she got a bad rap with that Jane Fonda thing," says Andy Cohen.

The internet may be railing on "Megyn Kelly TODAY," but she's got two high-profile names in her corner: Savannah Guthrie and Andy Cohen.

The two -- who are both part of the NBC/Universal family -- defended host Megyn Kelly on Thursday night's "Watch What Happened Live," after a caller asked Guthrie what she thought about the new hour of "TODAY."

"I think it's great. I think she's got the eyes of the world upon her and I think everybody can relate to how nerve-wracking that is," a pink-haired Guthrie said. "I think she's awesome, I think the show looks fantastic. It looks beautiful and we're thrilled to have her. She's doing a lot, she has a lot of different things she can do, she has a lot of range. I think she's awesome."

Cohen then chimed in, adding that he thought Kelly "got a bad rap with the Jane Fonda thing," referencing Kelly's awkward interview with the legendary actress earlier this week.

For those who missed the awkward morning show exchange, after Kelly brought up Fonda's plastic surgery past, the "Grace and Frankie" star asked, "We really want to talk about that now? ... Let me tell you why I love this movie that we did, 'Our Souls at Night,' rather than plastic surgery."

"I would have asked that question, I have asked that question," Cohen said.

"I think I've asked that question too," added Guthrie. "Sometimes you ask questions in an interview and, live TV there's awkward moments all the time. That's live TV."

"She put it in a nice way, it was a fine question" Cohen said.

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