Bill Maher Kicks Off 'Real Time' by Taking a Knee to Stand With NFL Players
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"Donald Trump is now officially the drunk at the end of the bar, bitching about football," Maher says.

Bill Maher took a knee during his monologue Friday as a symbol of support for the recent NFL protests during the national anthem, which serve as a reminder of the racial inequality and police brutality that still plagues the United States.

"Before we start the show, let's all take a knee, ladies and gentleman," Maher said on "Real Time."

The HBO late-night host's demonstration was sparked by Donald Trump's insistence last week that anyone kneeling during the national anthem before athletic events should be "fired."

"Donald Trump is now officially the drunk at the end of the bar, bitching about football," Maher said.

"And you know, this is the world that we live in now," he continued. "The stupidest asshole alive says something ignorant every three days, and we have to debate it. 'Uh, this just in, the president has tweeted that dogs are gay and Chinese people spit in the laundry. Discuss America.'"

Count Maher as another American in disbelief that Trump has chosen to focus on the NFL instead of the devastation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria wiped out the U.S. territory, leaving the citizens without basic necessities such as electricity, food and water.

But the late night host had a suggestion to change Trump's ideology: "Let's tell Trump that there are lots of black people kneeling in Puerto Rico, maybe he'll get focused on that."

And to wrap up his take on this NFL business, the late-night host proposed that O.J. Simpson, who will be released from prison next week, is probably the only NFL athlete the president likes since he just took a "couple of heads, but never a knee."

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