Country Star Jake Owen Details Las Vegas Shooting Horror: 'No Chance for a Lot of People to Get Out'
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"People were running in all directions and chaos is happening," says Owen, who watched the Las Vegas shooting from the side of the main stage.

Jake Owen was just 50 feet from Jason Aldean as gunfire ripped through Las Vegas on Sunday night during his performance at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

The country singer called into "Fox & Friends" on Monday morning to detail what he saw go down during what has become the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history, with at least 50 people killed and over 400 injured.

"I was standing side stage, about 50 feet from Jason. He was out on the runway of the stage and before I walked up on stage they said something to us about pyrotechnics on stage, so they were not allowing so many people out there," Owen explained. "When the shots started being fired, at first I thought it was pyrotechnics. You could see it ricocheting off the stage and on the sage. That's when I noticed people literally being shot. It was pretty chaotic. It's kind of a bad movie."

"It stopped for about 30 seconds and almost like a reload. Literally at that point, people were running in all directions and chaos is happening," he said. "I ran and somehow found a bus to hop on in another parking lot. I was pretty scared, along with a lot of other people."

Owen tweeted during the chaos, sending a message to his 4-year-old daughter Pearl on Twitter:

"Everyone fled the stage pretty quickly. There was people hopping fences. By the time I got to the street, there was definitely people in the street covered in blood. People screaming, not knowing what to do," Owen continued. "Some of us can't get a hold of other people. We put on concerts to take people away form the day to day life and bring them to a happy place and this isn't by any means what's supposed to happen at these things. I think us as a community aren't gonna let this bring us down either. we're going to continue to do what we do and bring people up, because this isn't what America's supposed to be like. We've got to fix this."

Owen went on to say the shooter, Stephen Paddock, had "a perfect angle."

"You have a sea full of people out there and a guy that sounded like a fully automatic rifle. There was no chance for a lot of people to get out of the way, everyone was just scrambling," he said. "No matter where you went here, you weren't out of the way."

Owen then praised local law enforcement for "putting their lives on the line to keep us safe during a moment like this."

"I think the most unfortunate thing is, you're looking into the crowd tonight you see fathers with their kids on their shoulders and this is a country concert people came to from all over and they just came to enjoy themselves," he added. "Everyone knows what's out there and the possibilities but the thing about our beautiful country, thanks to the men and women fighting for our freedom, we get to everyday walk out there and feel that we're ok and safe in this country."

"You tend to forget about this sort of thing," he added, before trailing off. "Yeah, we sometimes think what could happen but I don't any of us ever thing something like this is really gonna ...."

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