First Look Bravo's 'Real Estate Wars' Premiere: 'Puppetmaster' McMonigle vs. JoJo Romeo Battle Begins! (Exclusive Video)
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In TooFab's exclusive clip of "Real Estate Wars," the show's two featured teams get candid about their personal issues with one another.

The competition for best real estate agent gets downright personal in Bravo's new series "Real Estate Wars."

The reality TV show is the ultimate turf battle between two real estate teams who try to outsell one another in a cut-throat region of Orange County's luxury market. John McMonigle, who leads The McMonigle Team, was the O.C.'s top realtor until he went bankrupt when the market crashed. Fortunately with the help of his high-profiled clientele and freshly hungry agents, he was able to reboot his career and become Wall Street Journal's top agent five years in a row.

On the other side is The Relegance Group led by JoJo Romeo, who happens to be one of McMonigle's estranged employees that has already sold over $400 million worth of real estate in the last six years alone.

In TooFab's exclusive clip of the premiere episode, Romeo gets emotional over McMonigle's sneaky tactics to steal her developer Michael when he shows up to one of her open houses with McMonigle and one of his agents Hunter Fedden.

"John is like, you know, a puppet master. He sends Hunter to do his dirty work, while he just stands back and smirks," Romeo said.

"I know Michael's not officially mine, but if I was going to lose this to an agent that had integrity, who's really good, I would respect that," she added. "But if he chooses John like that is, that's going to hurt."

Eventually Michael got put on the spot and is forced to choose between the two head-to-head agents who are courting his talents for future projects. Watch the sneak peek clip to find out who he ultimately sided with.

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