5 Latest Harvey Weinstein Developments: Divorce, Rehab and Battle With Brother Bob
11 Stars Accused of Sexual Misconduct Before Weinstein Scandal

The movie mogul heads to rehab, his wife splits and Lindsay Lohan speaks out as the only person defending his actions.

The fallout in Hollywood continues after Harvey Weinstein's decades long history of sexual harassment and misconduct with multiple women was exposed.

Numerous stars have spoken out with their own first-hand accounts of abuse at his hands, others have condemned his actions and both his personal and professional life are crumbling.

Here are the 6 latest developments:

Seth McFarlane Recounts 'Ted' Co-Star's Weinstein Encounter

McFarlane tweeted his support for his friend and colleague, Jessica Barth and other victims who have shared their uncomfortable experiences with Weinstein.

"In 2011, my friend and colleague Jessica Barth, with whom I worked on the Ted films, confided in me regarding her encounter with Harvey Weinstein and his attempted advances," he tweeted Wednesday. "She has since courageously come forward to speak out. It was with this account in mind that, when I hosted the Oscars in 2013, I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a hard swing in his direction. Make no mistake, this came from a place of loathing and anger. There is nothing more abhorrent and indefensible than abuse of power such as this. I respect and applaud my friend Jessica and those sharing their stories for their decision to come forward, and for being champions of the truth."

His Wife Splits

Georgina Chapman, Weinsteins's wife since 2007, announced she's leaving her husband on Tuesday.

"My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions. I have chosen to leave my husband. Caring for my young children is my first priority and I ask the media for privacy at this time," she told PEOPLE.

The two have two children together.

Harvey Heads to Sex Addiction Rehab

Weinstein reportedly hopped on a plane for a rehab center in Europe for sex addiction, according to TMZ.

On advice from the people around him, he agreed to a live-in facility that deals with sex and other behavioral issues. "He has his moments where there are bursts, but for the most part he's pretty calm," the website adds.

"He wants to come back with fresh, new ideas," their source added.

Lindsay Lohan Defends Weinstein

While most of Hollywood has tried to distance themselves from Weinstein amid the sex abuse scandal, Lindsay Lohan did the opposite. In a since-deleted Instagram story, she stood up for the mogul, who she's worked with in the past.

"Hi, this is Lindsay Lohan, I'm in Dubai. I'm home," she said in the video. "I feel very bad for Harvey Weinstein right now. I don't think it's right what's going on."

"I think Georgina needs to take a stand and be there for her husband," she added. "He's never harmed me or did anything to me. We've done several movies together. I think everyone needs to stop. I think it's wrong. So, stand up."

Here's what Rose McGowan had to say about her message:

Ronan Farrow Says Weinstein Threatened Lawsuit

When Ronan Farrow was writing his piece for The New Yorker, he says he was threatened with a lawsuit.

"In the course of this reporting, I was threatened with a lawsuit personally by Mr. Weinstein," he explained on MSNBC on Tuesday.

Though the feature ran in the New Yorker, it was originally intended to be a piece for NBC News. "You would have to ask NBC and NBC executives about the details. I'm not going to comment on any news organization's story that they did or did not run," he said. "I will say that over many years, many news organizations have circled this story and faced a great deal of pressure in doing so."

"I walked into the door at The New Yorker with an explosively reportable piece that should have been public earlier, and immediately, obviously, The New Yorker recognized that, and it is not accurate to say that it was not reportable," he added. "In fact, there were multiple determinations that it was reportable at NBC."

Harvey and Brother Bob Go to War

Bob Weinstein issued a scathing statement about his brother on Tuesday, amid reports Bob was the one who leaked the sexual harassment info to the New York Times.

"My brother Harvey is obviously a very sick man. I've urged him to seek immediate professional help because he is in dire need of it. His remorse and apologies to the victims of his abuse are hollow. He said he would go away for help and has yet to do so," he told TMZ.

"He has proven himself to be a world class liar and now rather than seeking help he is looking to blame others. His assertion is categorically untrue from A to Z," the statement continued. "I pray he gets the help that he needs and I believe that it is him behind all of these stories to distract from his own failure to get help."

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