R&B Singer Eric Bellinger Defends Nelly Against Rape Allegation: 'Definitely Kinda Framed' (Exclusive)
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Rapper's "Platinum Life" co-star tells TooFab, "It's kind of just a cheap shot."

Nelly has been "framed" for rape according to his friend and fellow singer Eric Bellinger.

"I think Nelly is definitely kinda framed," Bellinger told TooFab at Maxim's annual Halloween party Saturday. "I feel like there's a lot of that going on nowadays, my bro Usher, all of these people with these false allegations and it's just like, they're getting away with it. I feel like they just continue to do it just for quick fame, even if it's just for one day... at the cost of the entertainer and not thinking about their lives and their families and it's just unfortunate."

The rapper was arrested for allegedly raping a woman on his tour bus earlier this month in Washington. Nelly's lawyer told TMZ: "Nelly is the victim of a completely fabricated allegation. Our initial investigation, clearly establishes the allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness. I am confident, once the scurrilous accusation is thoroughly investigated, there will be no charges. Nelly is prepared to pursue all legals avenues to redress any damage caused by this clearly false allegation."

"I'm standing by Nelly," Bellinger said. "I'm standing by Kevin [Hart], I'm standing by everybody because I feel like the entertainer still has a life, still has a personal life and there's still integrity involved somewhere so you know, shout out to my brothers."

"It's kind of just a cheap shot, you know the obvious, it's a statistic thing," he added. "But we're going to stand tall, we're going to rise, we're going to take our knee, and we're going to be lit."

Bellinger and his family co-star with Nelly and his girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, on E! reality series "The Platinum Life," which follows the VIP life of some of the biggest names in the music industry and their significant others.

"Every Sunday it's dope because it brings us together," he told TooFab. "We get to watch TV, but it's her on there this time. It's me on there, it's my son so it's a completely different vibe, a completely different reaction."

"The Platinum Life" airs Sundays at 10 PM ET on E!.

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