'...Ready For It?' Taylor Swift's New Music Video Attracts an Army of Haters
A Visual History of Hollywood Whitewashing

"Am I the only one who's angry at Taylor Swift's new video? This is 'Ghost in the Shell' all over again," one hater tweets.

Taylor Swift debuted the music video for "...Ready For It?" early Friday morning, and it's already causing a stir.

Although the video's director, Joseph Kahn, insists the video for Swift's second single off her upcoming album is an "homage to sci-fi and anime," others are pointing out its eerie similarities to "Ghost in the Shell," which is prompting the age-old discussion about Hollywood's continued whitewashing of traditionally Asian roles in the same year Scarlett Johansson was criticized for playing the part of Major Mira Killian. And many feel the video was full of cultural appropriation.

Most Swifties are happy with the outcome, saying the video signified Taylor freeing herself from society's expectations, but tons of others are pissed at the pop star. See a sample of the backlash Tay Tay and her new video ignited in the tweets below.

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