'Walking Dead' Candids Prove It's Not All Blood and Brutal Deaths on Set

As "All Out War" continues on the AMC series, a new (old) face returns.

Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" was all action, as Team Rick went hard against one of the Saviors' last remaining strongholds following last week's attack on the Sanctuary.

There was in-fighting, another glorious Shiva kill, an Alexandrian mortally wounded and the resurgence of a not-really familiar face.

So, what does it all mean?! Here are the 5 biggest questions we're asking after watching "The Damned."

Wait ... Who Was That Guy?


On the 101st episode of the series, "The Walking Dead" re-introduced us to someone who disappeared after the fifth episode of the show: Morales. If you don't remember him, you're probably not alone, as he was hardly a main cast member back in the day.

Here's a little refresher: Morales, his wife and two kids were among the survivors with Lori and Shane (remember them?) when the series began. He was also part of the group scavenging in Atlanta when the gang first came across Rick. the guy's family decided to break from everyone else when the other survivors decided to go the the CDC in hopes of a cure.

"We're not going," he told them, "I gotta do what's best for my family." Rick gave them a gun and ammunition and the Morales fam went towards Birmingham, Alabama so they could "be with our own people." They were never seen again.

So, What's Up with Him Now?

How Morales went from family man to Savior is the real question here, as he didn't give Rick the warmest of welcomes when they came face-to-face.

Is baby Gracie his? Is the rest of his family still alive? Are they why he's working with Negan? And just how devoted to the Saviors is he? As far as we can recall, Rick and Morales didn't have many issues at the beginning of all this. Might he still be redeemable and help Team Rick take out the man in charge?

The cliffhanger really didn't leave us much to go on, except to wonder why - of all people - he's the one the show brought back.

Who Wins In a Jesus/Tara Standoff?


Two characters who really haven't interacted that much with each other spent most of Sunday's episode at odds, as they couldn't agree on whether they should waste all the Saviors they encountered during their siege or take some captive.

The main source of conflict was a man they found inside a closet, who claimed he was from the Sanctuary and forced to be there. Jesus didn't want to kill a guy who had his hands up in surrender, while Tara wanted to take him out. They probably should have, because he got a hold of Jesus' gun and threatened to shoot him. But even after getting control of the situation (and his piece) again by being a total badass, Jesus still refused to shoot the guy point blank.

They ran into the same issue again at the end of the episode, when Tara wanted to run into another hideout guns a blazin', while Jesus told everyone to hold their fire. This time, Negan's men all laid down their arms in surrender. "Even if Maggie listens to you, Rick will listen to me," Tara warned.

Whose side are you on here: kill 'em all or nah?

Is Morgan About to Crack Again?


Morgan is veering back into crazy territory, trading his zen life to be a full-on killing machine.

After playing dead inside the Saviors' stronghold, he got up and went on a shooting spree, killing a ton of the men inside before they even had a second to react.

After exiting the building, he came across Jesus and the Saviors who just surrendered, while having flashbacks to Rick telling him, "We have to come for them before they come for us, we can't leave them alive." Like Tara, Morgan wants them all dead, saying, "We came here to kill them."

"They surrendered, it's not what we do," Jesus countered. Morgan's response: "Then what do we do, huh?"

That's a very good question. It'll be interesting to see how the survivors deal with all these Saviors.

Is Eric Dead?


Eric saw his most screen time ever on Sunday night, which probably isn't a good sign.

Aaron's boyfriend, who hasn't really been a major player since his introduction, got shot while being heroic during the siege. While we didn't see him die, he wasn't looking too good as Aaron carried him on his back out of the war zone.

Though we'll be sad for Aaron if he does pass, at least he'll go out in a blaze of glory, right?

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays on AMC.

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