Jason Derulo Had 'Egg Fights' on Halloween as a 'Bad Little Kid' -- 'I Would Have Beat My Own A--'
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Derulo and more stars attending Maxim's costume party confess their Halloween sins to TooFab.

Miami should be grateful the little kid version of Jason Derulo is no longer roaming the streets on Halloween, because he pulled some mean tricks back in the day while on the prowl for treats.

The singer told TooFab at Maxim's Halloween Party earlier this month that he was one of the "bad kids" who egged houses and who knows what else.

"You know I was a bad little kid," Derulo told TooFab at Maxim's Halloween Party last week. "There was like a vibe in Miami where kids would get together and have egg fights and egg houses and stuff. I was one of those bad kids. I look back on it and I would have beat my own ass."

Derulo isn't the only reformed rugrat running around Hollywood. Guess model Don Benjamin told TooFab he also had a wicked Halloween past.

"I remember I used to drive around with masks on, me and my friends, and we would egg people," Benjamin said. "It's kind of messed up now, like I ask God for forgiveness all the time, but it was bad. We would ride around and egg people that were trick or treating."

Other musicians and reality stars that attended the party also shared their Halloween sins, which included getting arrested in male genitalia costumes, getting into car accidents, and taking drugs that made them hallucinate.

"Can I say shrooms?" Chanel West Coast said. "I did shrooms on Halloween once and I was on a bus for like an hour that was parked and I thought it was still rolling, but nope, it wasn't. It was parked."

TooFab also asked the celebrities in attendance to give advice on choosing the perfect costume and which Halloween movie to watch if you stay in Tuesday night.

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