'Walking Dead' Candids Prove It's Not All Blood and Death on Set

The never-ending shootout between the Saviors and Team Rick continues, with casualties on both sides.

"All Out War" continued on Sunday's "The Walking Dead," which saw Team Rick fighting against both the Saviors and each other.

Jesus and Morgan came to blows, a few familiar faces were killed off and a sniper at the end of the episode threatened the lives of more than a couple main characters.

Here are the 5 biggest shockers from "Monsters."

RIP Morales


Last week's episode ended on the big reveal that Morales from Season 1 returned. While it was meant to be a "moment," there were quite a few fans who forgot who this guy was in the first place. Well, he clearly wasn't too big a deal, because this week, the show already killed him off.

So, what did we learn? Morales' family never made it to Birmingham and he joined up with Negan and the Saviors shortly after. "They thought I was worth a damn," he told Rick, saying it was his only choice.

Morales' big talking point was how neither he or Rick were the "same guys we used to be," telling Rick he's a "monster" too. Talking about all the original survivors they both lost since Atlanta, Morales added, "They're all dead and somewhere long the way, officer friendly died right along with them, just like I did, with them."

Before Rick had time to defend himself against those monstrous accusations, Daryl snuck behind Morales and shot him dead, kind of proving the guy's point.

Who are the real monsters here? That's the big question looming over this episode, which finds all the survivors struggling with morality during war.

The Jesus/Morgan Standoff


Morgan, Jesus and Tara were all at odds again this week, as they argued over what to do with the Saviors who surrendered. Tara wanted them dead, as did Morgan, who said it was "dangerous" to bring them all to the Hilltop.

"No matter what they've done, they're people," Jesus said, opting to keep them captive. "I kill, I've killed, you do, you have, but we don't execute."

But execution was all Morgan had on his mind. When a walker horde interrupted the group's walk to the Hilltop, a few Saviors made a run for it -- and Morgan wanted to hunt them down and kill them.

Jesus tried to stop him, saying, "There's war and then there's peace. We're going to have to live with these people, we have to find a way to peace." But Morgan was all "Nope," and they got into a massive fight.

While Morgan got in a few good jabs with his bo staff, Jesus dominated this rumble with his fancy footwork and flying kicks. After the fight, it looked like Morgan didn't even know where he was or what he was doing. "I'm not right, I know that I'm not right, but that doesn't make me wrong," he told Jesus. "I can't be a part of this."

He was last seen walking into the woods alone.

This leaves us with a few questions. One, is Morgan on the verge of a complete meltdown? He seems like a real loose cannon right now and one to watch out for. Two, who is right here? Only time will tell whether keeping the Saviors alive was a good idea.

Maggie's Decisions at the Hilltop

Despite totally backstabbing Team Rick by selling them out to the Saviors, Maggie still allowed Gregory back to the Hilltop. Though he said he met with Negan to "further good faith diplomacy," he told her he now knows "fighting is the only way." It's still pretty clear he's not trustworthy, so she better keep a close eye on him.

Moments after Gregory returned, Jesus also showed up with all the Saviors who waved the white flag. It was up to Maggie to allow them inside or send them elsewhere.

"They surrendered. We can't let them go and we can't kill them. We can't," Jesus said, making his case to keep them locked in guarded trailers for now. While Gregory wanted them all gone, Maggie heard Jesus out.

Let's hope this decision doesn't come back to bite her in the ass.

RIP Eric


It was fairly evident last week when Eric got a hero moment and his most dialogue ever that the character was a goner. Tonight, he left for good.

While he's always been on the sidelines of the series, his exit was an emotional one, thanks to Ross Marquand's acting as his partner, Aaron.

After leaving Eric by a tree with a mortal wound, Aaron returned later to find his lover's reanimated corpse shuffling away into the horizon. The pain on Aaron's face was heartbreaking, as was his decision to not put Walker Eric out of his misery.

He then soldiered on, agreeing to take baby Gracie to the Hilltop for Rick. While we're sad for Aaron, is it too early to start shipping him with Jesus now?

That Ezekiel Shootout


Ezekiel, Carol, Shiva and the gang took out another contingent of Saviors on Sunday night.

Much to their surprise, they didn't lose anyone during the skirmish ... until the King noticed a sniper hiding in a nearby barn.

"SCATTER!" he shouted as shots started to ring out, before the episode cut to black.

So, who's dead? It looks like the ginger soldier did a pretty good job blocking Ezekiel from the gunfire, so while the King is probably still with us, Daniel Newman's character may be a goner. As for Carol, there's no way she's gonna leave us like that!

But what about Shiva? That cat is expensive for the show to CGI every week, we have a feeling it's not long for this world.

Just please, don't let it be Jerry!

What did you think of tonight's episode? "The Walking Dead" airs Sundays on AMC.

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