Harry Styles' Adorable 'Kiwi' Music Video Confuses Twitter
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Styles' fans aren't sure what to make of a music video that seemingly has no connection to the song.

Harry Styles released the music video for "Kiwi" Wednesday and fans are confused why he turned his over-sexualized hit into an adorable music video armed with mischievous kids, yummy treats and adorable puppies.

"Can we take a minute to talk about the #KIWIMusicVideo ? Harry could have EASILY made a sexy sensual hardcore sex video with that song to get TONS of views, but he chose to use puppies and children. He chose PUPPIES AND CHILDREN! Let that sink in," one fan tweeted.

Another wrote, "The song is called 'Kiwi,' no kiwi’s were mention or used in the video, the song is about someone having a baby but the music video is about kids having a food fight."

Many fans on Twitter were expecting R-rated visuals since the lyrics reference cigarettes, hard liquor and a pregnancy, but the 23-year-old singer chose to instead showcase schoolchildren in a massive food fight with their homemade baked goods. Styles is MIA for the majority of the video, but he does show up to the gymnasium around the two minute mark to allow a bunch of puppies to lick up the sugary mess.

Read what more of Styles' fans had to say below:

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