Stephen Colbert, James Corden Pummel Donald Trump Jr. for Tweeting Wrong Day to Vote
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"Turns out Eric is the smart one," Colbert jokes Tuesday night.

Donald Trump Jr. forgot when election day was, and two of the biggest late-night comedians pummeled him for it Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, Trump Jr. tweeted, "Let's take Ed Gillespie across the finish line tomorrow," in regard to Virginia's governor's race, but the election was actually that day.

Democrat Ralph Northam won the election by an unexpectedly large margin: He received about nine out of every 10 votes from Trump supporters, and among the larger group of Trump dissenters, he had an 87 percent advantage over the Trump-backed Republican candidate.

But Stephen Colbert and James Corden couldn't help but laugh at Trump Jr.'s mishap, which according to Colbert, actually might've cost "anxious groundhog Ed Gillespie" the election.

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

"Weighing in on this race is spare Trump and man who reads Maxim on his Kindle, Donald Trump Jr.," the "Late Show" host joked Tuesday night. "Donald Jr. woke up this morning to urge people to get the vote out, but maybe he should've waited until he had his morning cup of hair gel."

"Turns out Eric is the smart one," he added.

But Don Jr. later repeated his mistake in a second tweet, and in a third tweet wrote, "VA, the future of the Commonwealth is at stake. GET OUT & VOTE TODY."

Yep, "tody."

"I assume his next tweet is gonna be, 'Please vote for Ted Galoshes for Gov of Vagina! Also somebody help -- I got my head stuck in my pocket!'" Colbert joked.

'The Late Late Show with James Corden'

"How far did Donald Jr. set his clock back this weekend?" the "Late Late Show" host asked during his monologue. "He thinks today is Monday. But I agree with Donald Jr.'s tweet. Definitely go out and vote for his candidate tomorrow. Do it tomorrow."

Regarding the repeated mistake, Corden said, "Apparently, the Trump family only knows how to fix elections, not tweets."

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