Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

The actor apologizes for his remarks after calling a reporter the dreaded c-word.

Christian Slater lashed out at a reporter who asked the actor about his troubled past.

"What a salacious c-nt this guy is," Slater reportedly told The Daily Beast while promoting his run in "Glengarry Glen Ross" in London. Though he later apologized for his remarks, the actor dropped the c-bomb after being asked, twice, whether he had any regrets.

"No, no. I regret nothing," Slater said. "I've always taken my work extremely seriously and I think you learn from experience and it's a process. I started working at the age of 9, I have had an opportunity to grow up in this business, in front of everybody, so of course nobody gets through unscathed. It's just how I grew up, so everybody has gotten an opportunity to see highs and lows and ups and downs - that's part of life."

The reporter noted he thought it was "jarring to jarring to hear Slater say he did not regret a history that includes being jailed for beating his girlfriend," so he asked whether Slater wanted to clarify his comments. That's what elicited the See You Next Tuesday, before the actor's handler "stepped in and ushered him to the next appointment."

The Daily Beast noted that the "Mr. Robot" star sent the reporter an e-mail apologizing for his choice of words later that day, adding that "the question of regret is hard for me to reckon with."

Slater was charged with assault and battery of his then-girlfriend in 1997, serving 59 days of a three-month sentence. He was also accused of groping a woman in NYC in 2005, but the charges were dropped.

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