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New Yorkers stop to watch a hipster band in the subway and get a big surprise, courtesy of "The Tonight Show."

Jimmy Fallon kicked off Thanksgiving weekend by treating New York commuters to a surprise performance with Maroon 5 in a subway station.

Following up on his last successful busking prank with Miley Cyrus back in June, the "Tonight Show" host teamed up with Adam Levine and bandmate James Valentine inside the 50th Street station below Rockefeller Center, disguised with hipster beards, hats and glasses.

"No-one knows that this is going to happen, nobody knows that this is Maroon 5," Fallon said gleefully before the trio hit the subway platform, armed with an acoustic guitar, a drum box and a couple of microphones.

The incognito musicians drew a decent crowd with their rendition of Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," with Fallon rocking out on a tambourine and staying mostly on rhythm.

But the small crowd turned into a full-blown party when Fallon and the band stripped off their beards and hats to reveal their true identities.

They rounded out the set with a rendition of hit song "Sugar" while the ecstatic crowd sang along and captured the surprise on their cell phones.

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