'We're Going to Hell': Kristen Bell, Bono, Ashton Kutcher Sing With Kimmel to Benefit AIDS
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Kimmel and crew sing about having so much money, they'd go to Hell if they didn't donate a portion of it to charity.

Jimmy Kimmel enlisted A-list friends Kristen Bell, Ashton Kutcher, DJ Khaled, Bono, Diddy, Bryan Cranston and Rita Wilson to help him sing this year's rendition of the cherry holiday hit "We're Going to Hell" to encourage the wealthy to donate to an organization fighting HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

"The snow is blowing, that son of a bitch. Inside it's glowing, we're lucky we're rich," Kimmel kicked off the song Tuesday night behind a red grand piano.

Following the introduction, Kutcher said he enjoys sipping martinis from a silver cup, Cranston bragged about his shirtless personal masseuse, and Bono and Bell smiled about their "Bitcoin stock's doin' swell."

DJ Khaled didn't do any singing, but he did join in the fun of mocking celebrity privilege by adding, "Yo check it out. I got new jet skis, major key and a shiny new iPhone 10."

Then out of no where, Cranston brought out his trumpet to perform an ear-wrenching solo and when Kimmel asked if he practiced that tune, the actor said, "No, because I've been too busy fighting AIDS, Jimmy."

The star-studded performance was part of the annual "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (RED) show, which partners with Bono's organization to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS.

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