Colbert's 'Late Show' Melania Trump Talks White House Christmas Decorations and Chimney Escape Plan
Does Melania Trump Have a Body Double?

"I have gotten all the family Christmas stockings and tied them into a rope," the fake first lady says.

Stephen Colbert welcomed the "Late Show" version of Melania Trump back on his program Thursday night to talk about White House Christmas decorations and reports she's not happy to be Donald Trump's first lady.

"Supergirl" actress Laura Benanti once again had Colbert's audience in stitches while playing the part.

"Stephen, this is fake news lie," she said as she tried really hard to force herself to smile. "I am very happy to be first lady. Look at me, being happy."

Melania was the subject of social media ridicule earlier this week when her communications director tweeted a photograph of the decorated White House chambers, which looked unusually dark, resulting in many Americans mocking the interior decorating to horror films, like "The Shining." It turned out that photograph was just poorly exposed, as a video of the same hallway decorations proved to be much prettier.

Colbert's Melania said her decorations are proof of her happiness in the White House, but her admiration for Santa Claus suggested otherwise.

"It's all so merry. The stringing of the lights, the baking of the cookies and Santa Claus, such an inspiration to me," she told Colbert.

"How so? he asked, and she responded: "If you can come down a chimney to get into a house, then you can go up a chimney to get out of a house."

"I have gotten all the family Christmas stockings and tied them into a rope," she added. "Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodbye!"

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