Sia Live Tweets Being Late for Concert and It's Hilariously TMI
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"Seriously just come out on a toilet we honestly don’t mind," one fan tweeted after the singer admitted to stress-induced diarrhea.

Sia was running a tad late for her concert in Sydney, Australia on Friday, but her fans weren't left just sitting there in the rain, thanks to her live updates via Twitter.

The singer-songwriter took to the social media platform to update them on the ordeal she was undergoing as they awaited her arrival. Thanks to a cancelled flight, she'd opted for a 13-hour drive to try and make it to the venue on time. A flat tire had other ideas, though, and the stress of it all drove her straight into the bathroom.

That single tweet was the stuff of legend, filled with adorable TMI and a statement on her commitment and passion toward her fans. She gave them another update as she was closing in.

After a day like that, this was sheer determination. Her first words to her fans after hitting the stage were, "I'm sorry." But based on their Twitter reactions to her live updates before she even got there, they were more than happy to wait.

Here were some of the best responses she got:

Reviews of the tour have been mixed, with the Aussie singer facing criticism for doing what she always does -- stand perfectly still while others dance around her -- as well as her usage of backing tracks, but everyone seems to agree that her TMI posts were absolutely delightful.

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