13 Reality Stars Who Spent Time Behind Bars

"I don't even know if we'd be allowed to go back there ever again," Codi Butts tells TooFab.

Viewers watched as the "Floribama Shore" cast got into a massive brawl with locals in Monday night's episode, but cast member Codi Butts told TooFab his co-star Kirk Medas was hurling some offensive insults that didn't make the cut.

Fans of MTV's newest reality show watched as a (presumably) drunk woman taunted cast member Nilsa Prowant at a local dive bar called Donovans, telling the "princess" to "go home," but they didn't get to see Medas' full response.

"Obviously I was hammered that night. But she picking at them, and then I know she tries to take a swing at Kirk. And then Kirk's like 'You know, I bet your whole family is a THOT, you're a THOT, you're daughter's a THOT," Butts explained.

(For those who aren't in the know, THOT stands for "that hoe over there.")

"It just escalated so quick out of nowhere, then I'm like, 'Holy Shit, we’re really going to have to fight our way out of here,'" Butts said. "Like these people take this place serious, they don't want us in here at all."

Butts said the situation in the bar was tense from the start.

"I was all excited about going there, and then I kind of got the feel that this is pretty much just a local dive bar, they don't really like outsiders coming, especially ones with film crews," Butt said. "It's kind of like we were disrespectful to them, like we were stepping on their turf."

Needless to say the cast did not make their way back to Donovans for the rest of the summer.

"You know what, I don't even know if we'd be allowed to go back there ever again," Butts said. "I think that our photos might be hanging up somewhere in there like, 'Warning: If seen, never let them in again. Contact authorities immediately.'"

Surprisingly, Butts has nothing but fond memories of the incident, and actually called it "one of the most fun experiences" from the summer.

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