Mena Suvari Helps Spice Up One Couple's Sex Life on Pop TV's 'Hot Date' (Exclusive Video)
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The "American Pie" star plays a sex guru on the Pop TV series.

Mena Suvari knows how to bring a little excitement to the bedroom.

The actress appears as a knowledgable sex toy specialist in Wednesday's new episode of Pop TV's "Hot Date," which made the jump from CollegeHumor series to TV sketch show earlier this year.

In an exclusive sneak peek, Murph and Emily (real-life married couple Emily Axford and Brian K. Murphy) visit an erotic toy shop to "spice up" their sex lives and need a little help from Suvari's store owner to find the right product to suit their needs.

Looking to break free of their monthly diet of "flavorless lube and a six-pack of condoms" for something a little more risque, Suvari's character has a list of suggestions for the couple.

While they turn up their noses at a few of the store's backdoor products, they end up finding just what they're looking for.

"Hot Date" airs Wednesdays at 11pm PT/10pm Central.

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