23 Scariest Things Trump Ever Said in Honor of Halloween

"Roy Moore has done things in my opinion that go beyond the line of trust," Channing Tatum says to Alabama.

Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones are going head to head for a seat in the Senate on Tuesday, and Hollywood is begging the state of Alabama to not elect the man who has been accused of allegedly pursuing numerous women while they were teenagers and he was an assistant district attorney in his 30s.

"Alabamians, tomorrow is a big day. If you believe all people are equal, whether they’re gay, straight, black, white, male or female, I hope you’ll get out tomorrow and vote for Doug Jones," Ellen DeGeneres said.

Channing Tatum, who is from the southern state but stressed he's not affiliated with any particular political party, aimed his message at college students.

"Usually I’m not a political person ... I am my own mind and my own heart, and that is more complex than red and blue," Tatum said. "But all that being said, my choices are between Roy Moore, which is a man who has been accused of assaulting girls. Barring that, Roy Moore has done things in my opinion that go beyond the line of trust, so I’m supporting Doug Jones."

"That’s my opinion, but I want you to have your own opinion, it’s important. No one thinks students are going to go out and vote, so prove them wrong," he added.

More than anything i just want young people to go out and vote.

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The allegations against Moore heated up last week when one of his accusers shared a congratulatory graduation card that she received from the political figure when she was just 17 years old.

"Happy graduation Debbie," the card read. "I wanted to give you this card myself. I know that you'll be a success in anything you do. Roy."

"Dear Alabama" became a top Twitter trend Tuesday morning while the rest of America watches and waits to see who the citizens of the state will pick to be the senator to replace U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. See what Hollywood stars weighing in are saying below.

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