Late-Night Comedians Roast Roy Moore for Riding Pony to Alabama Polls
Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert couldn't joke about Alabama election results, but they still found a way to rip Roy Moore.

Although the rest of Hollywood got busy celebrating Doug Jones' victory over Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race Tuesday night, late-night hosts couldn't get in on the action since their shows taped early in the evening before the polls closed.

But that doesn't mean they couldn't continue to make fun of Moore, who has been accused of pursuing sexual relationships with multiple teenage girls in his adult life. The Republican candidate gave the comedians more joke fuel, too, when he rode his horse to cast his vote at the polls.

"What doesn't say I'm innocent like a 70-year-old man riding a horse named Sassy?" Jimmy Fallon said.

See Moore jokes Fallon and fellow late-night hosts Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert had up their sleeves Tuesday night.

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"

Meyers welcomed his viewers by stating he doesn't know how the election turned out, but joked if people are actually awake and terrified by the time his show aired, "Congratulations, Roy Moore."

Moore did, however, ride his horse to the voting booth in time for Meyers to take notice.

"Roy Moore rode on his horseback today to go vote in the special election," Meyers said. "Look at that. What a majestic picture of two animals not allowed in the mall."

"That's right, Roy Moore rode his horse to go vote in the special election because when Roy Moore is choosing a mode of transportation, he always asks himself, 'What do 14-year-old girls like?'" the late-night host added.

After an uproar of applause from the audience, Meyers giggled and said, "I'm so hoping those jokes are over soon."

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

Riffing off Moore's horse stunt, Fallon joked that it "got weird" when the citizens of Alabama wanted to vote for the animal instead.

And referencing all of the allegations against Moore, Fallon added, "What doesn't say I'm innocent like a 70-year-old man riding a horse named Sassy?"

Impersonating Moore, Fallon continued: "You girls want to see a horse? You want to meet Sassy?"

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

Colbert also dinged Moore for his horse named Sassy.

"Well, that is a lovely name for a magazine targeted at teenage girls," Colbert said before breaking out his Moore impression. "Heyoh Sassy! Off to the mall."

Moore said riding a horse to the polls was a family tradition, which made total sense to Colbert since the candidate loves traditions from the 1800s.

"Like child brides and the Dred Scott decision," Colbert joked.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Kimmel joked Moore shouldn't even be in consideration for political office, in the first place.

"Roy Moore shouldn't even be in the race and I'm not about the Senate race, I mean the human race is what he should not be in," Kimmel said.

The ABC late-night host continued to say that this entire thing is "mind-boggling" and pointed toward Moore's method of transportation as further proof.

"Young girls love pony's I guess, I don't know," Kimmel said.

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