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"Kevin Hart thought that monologue was a good idea at this time?" asked one viewer, while another suggested, "Read. The. Room."

Kevin Hart came under fire for his monologue on "Saturday Night Live," with viewers taking to Twitter to call his portrayal of parenthood sexist.

He seemed to have some idea of what was coming even as he was making the jokes, because after saying that mothers aren't the "fun" parent, he acknowledged that the women in the studio audience probably weren't very happy about what he said. But it wasn't just the ones in the studio audienece, and it wasn't just women.

The monologue got people talking deep into the night, with most agreeing that the monologue was not only sexist but ill-timed, considering the ongoing social movement sweeping the world about female empowerment in the wake of harassment, subjugation and inequality.

Several viewers pointed out Hart's more recent personal revelations, including that he'd cheated on his wife, as further evidence that he shouldn't have gone in this direction with his stand-up routine monologue. Nevertheless, he took to Twitter to tout that monologue as "just a small example of what to expect on my 'Irresponsible' tour," so you can't say you weren't warned.

The biggest problem with it, though, was that it just wasn't all that funny. Playing on traditional roles for men and women in the marriage isn't innovative or particularly clever. Instead, it just comes across as lazy and pandering and even worse, disappointing. Kevin Hart, you can do better than that, right?

Here are some of the most memorable responses:

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