'RHOBH' Star Dorit Kemsley Teases 'Unexpected' Feuds and Death of PantyGate in Season 8 (Exclusive)
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Dorit tells TooFab about the "conversations that needed to be had" and the "lingering feelings" that pop up in the new season.

This is Dorit Kemsley's second go-around on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," and she told TooFab Season 8 is packed with "twists and turns," including "unexpected" feuds and friendships.

"But then again, any feud would be an unexpected feud as long as it's not a repeat of PantyGate," Dorit told TooFab. "PantyGate had its day, and I think everybody can agree that you need to let sleeping dogs lie."

There was quite a bit of unresolved tension between Dorit and Erika Girardi (and Dorit's husband, PK) over the infamous PantyGate scandal that plagued Season 7. Then during an explosive dinner in Hong Kong, Lisa Rinna accused Dorit of having a "coke den" in her home According to Dorit, there will be new "gates" that plague Season 8 because, after all, "'Housewives' would not be 'Housewives' without a little sprinkle of drama."

On Tuesday's premiere, the ladies take a trip to Las Vegas, and Dorit told TooFab it was the first time she had "seen or spoken" to either Erika or Rinna.

"There were definitely nerves, but I had a mindset where I wanted to enjoy the weekend," Dorit said of seeing Erika and Rinna for the first time since the last reunion. "Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump had invited all the ladies, and it was a really nice gesture on their part, so I had an open mind and a positive outlook. There were conversations that needed to be had and some lingering feelings, but overall, it was a fun trip."

See what else Dorit had to say about Season 8 in TooFab's Q&A with the Real Housewife below.

What changes this season between you and Erika?

Erika and I didn't really start off on the right foot last year, so we really hadn't gotten to know one another. This season, that's very different. We actually get to know one another. I can tell you that there are some unexpected friendships. There are definitely twists and turns.

Is PK less involved this time around?

I don't think he has to run to my defense as much as he did last season, so in that regard, he's a little bit out of the spotlight. But PK is always by my side. We roll together. There were some unfair accusations [last season], and at the end of the day, it was a husband going to bat for his wife, and that's what he did.

In the trailer, Kyle Richards says she would "never ever f-ck you over" but that she feels "f-cked over" by you. What is that all about?

Kyle has been one of my closest friends from the beginning, but we have our moments this season. Sometimes in great friendships, particularly when you're in a group of women, things can be misconstrued, and sometimes it becomes a bad case of telephone.

The launch of your swimwear line, Beverly Beach by Dorit, will be featured later this season. How do the other housewives react to that?

Everyone was very supportive, and all the girls were there at the launch. I think the audience will get to know me a bit better this season.

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is the newest housewife to join the group. Do you give her any advice given that you were in her shoes last season?

The advice I gave her was to try and have some fun and to be herself. That is I feel like the only two pieces of advice I could give a new person. The rest you just have to navigate and figure out yourself. I don't think I consciously tried to have as much fun [last season]. Your first season you're almost like a deer in the headlights trying to find your feet. In hindsight, I would certainly tell my first season self to try and have a little bit of fun and not think about things too much.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 8 premieres Tuesday night on Bravo.

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