Unexpected Facebook Message Leads to Husband-Wife Tension on 'Stripped' (Exclusive Video)
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Bravo reality show follows a couple who give up all of their belongings for 21 days.

Fitness focused couple Ariana and Ryan face new obstacles on Tuesday's episode of "Stripped" after she elects her cellphone as her daily item of choice.

As part of the 21-day challenge -- documented by Bravo cams -- Ariana and Ryan agree to be stripped of all their physical belongings, which includes their clothing, furniture, money, hygiene products, beauty products and all electronic devices. Every day, they are each allowed to take back one item of their choice, but emotions run high when they're teased with a taste of normalcy.

"It's been a little tricky having the cellphone back," Ariana says in the exclusive clip below. "The cellphone is a trigger for Ryan. His mood changed. Had I not had the cellphone, this tension probably wouldn't have occurred, but at the same time, it's important to have the opportunity to say, 'OK, we have the cellphone. Now we have to deal with any kind of emotional triggers that may come up."

Ryan blames his mood on his hunger, but when producers step out of the room, he admits to Ariana he saw a Facebook message pop up on her phone.

"I'm just curious why the Facebook message popped up out of nowhere after two years," Ryan says. "I've asked you, 'Interested?' And you've been like, 'No, never have, never will.'"

"Right, so why does it affect your mood?" Ariana asks. "You're 31, Ryan. Be confident in who you are. I'm with you."

"Stripped" is not a competition, so there is no prize, only the growth and self-discovery associated with committing to the challenge. "Stripped" airs Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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