How 'Pitch Perfect 3' Star Hana Mae Lee's Hairstylist Inspired First Audible Line of Dialogue (Exclusive)
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Inside the 'Pitch Perfect 3' Premiere

Actress tells TooFab her character's first major line in franchise was completely improvised.

The Barden Bella's own Lilly finally speaks up in "Pitch Perfect 3," and actress Hana Mae Lee said her first audible line in the franchise was completely improvised.

TooFab spoke to Mae Lee ahead of the movie's premiere, and she said she decided to go with "cool beans" during that scene as a way to honor her hairstylist.

"I love that in the end I'm like, 'Cool beans.' I got to break that improv in there because my hairdresser always says 'cool beans' and I was like, 'I'm going to freaking say that for you and it got in,'" Mae Lee said. "I said so many things for that line, but I didn’t want to change the, 'Hi, I’m Ester' line because I thought that was really funny. I used to be like what's up, what's up, what's up to all the girls because it's like my new introduction to them."

Since her character is known for her bold whispered statements, the actress is very curious to see fans' reaction to her shocking character twist.

"I was pretty excited," she said. "I was more curious on how the fans were going to take it because even in the first movie I was like, 'People are going to either love Lilly or f-cking hate her' so I’m always like, 'What are the fans going to think? Are they going to love it or are they going to miss the old Lilly? Are they going to like this Ester character? Who is this Ester character?' It's pretty exciting."

But if fans aren't down for Lilly's opinions, Mae Lee isn't sweating it.

"So far from a few screenings we've had, it's been pretty positive, but I have no idea because some of my fans are really die hard Lilly psycho-lined fans so I'm really excited to see what their take on it is, even if it's not positive," she said. "I support that because Lilly is really cool."

See the moment when Lily talks loud and clear in "Pitch Perfect 3" in theaters now.

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