Chrissy Teigen Takes Twitter Followers Along for Ride on 8-Hour 'Flight to Nowhere'
Chrissy Teigen Ranks Among Hollywood's Most Entertaining Twitter Feeds

"I don’t know why I’m not more upset about this," model tweets in after plane to Tokyo heads back to LAX four hours into flight.

Hopefully, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend finally made it to Tokyo, after an eight-hour "flight to nowhere" that Teigen hilariously live-tweeted to her more than 9 million followers Tuesday night.

As she explained in a later tweet, the couple was intending to fly to Tokyo to spend New Year's Eve there, and maybe enjoy some authentic sushi. Thanks to one passenger, though, they were rather severely delayed as the airline decided to turn the flight around after four hours flying over the ocean.

"After all this, I will have spent eight hours on a flight to nowhere," Teigen tweeted, surprising herself by how calm she was during the frustrating ordeal. "The pleasure I get out of the story is worth more to me than a direct flight to Tokyo," she added.

But the misadventures wouldn't end with a simple return to LAX. As the authorities got involved, Teigen would begin her attempts at being an amateur sleuth, trying to get to the root of who the passenger was, how they got on the wrong flight, and why it turned into a massive investigation. And she brought her followers along for the entire ride.

When asked by one of her followers to describe "the suspect," Teigen replied, "According to flight attendant, male. Or female." So she was totally in the dark. But as authorities began taking the situation very seriously, Teigen's delight and curiosity were piqued.

Not gonna lie, we love that Teigen describes her vocation as "whatever my job is." Unfortunately, a desire to get the truth isn't always enough to make it happen. Teigen and Legend were in no position to figure out anything, completely victims of the system at this point. But at least she was having fun sharing her story.

Teigen even broke in live to her own live-tweeting with video updates, adorably kicking it off with "Chrissy Teigen reporting live from LAX." This is a breaking news story, y'all, and we're all in the front row! But even this attempt was fraught with problems.

One of her followers asked her if she was allowed to leave the room she was in, to which Teigen admitted, "Yeah it’s a lounge but I like to call it a room for drama’s sake." This is her story and she can be dramatic if she wants.

Finally, after hours of waiting and no answers forthcoming, Teigen and Legend were able to board a new flight. Right away, Teigen could tell this was going to be a better experience when she saw who one of the passengers was.

He even came complete with theme music, as "Star Wars" music was playing on the plane. But did anyone think to check his boarding pass?

And they were off! There have been no further updates since this, so we can only hope and assume that they made it to their final destination. Probably, the exhausted couple is going to take a day or two to sleep the ordeal off before ramping up for a New Year's celebration. The real question is if they can possibly match the excitement level of their journey.

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