Donald Trump's 'Bad Lip Reading' Is a Catchy AF Christmas Jingle
How Hollywood Celebrated Christmas in 2017

Melania Trump wants help, while Robo-Trump needs love.

"Bad Lip Reading" just unleashed an epic parody of Donald Trump, with perfectly timed cameos from Melania Trump -- and even Robo-Trump.

The popular YouTube channel apologized for the delay, but released "CHRISTMAS IS HERE!" on Wednesday, two days after the Trumps favorite holiday.

It's hard not to laugh or sing along with the catchy choruses inspired by a bevy of news footage showing Trump in action.

"Christmas is here/ yeah, Christmas is here/ grab a friend's hand and yank them near/ It's the best time of the year/ Christmas is here."

We know the song has Christmas classic potential, because it's already playing on repeat in our head.

Melania pops up a few times to express her misery in song, while Robo-Trump -- recently installed at Disney World's Hall of Presidents -- contemplates the meaning of Christmas (and life, really) for the mechanical kind.

Much like the robot's face, it doesn't sound pretty.

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