'The Bachelor' Season 22 Contestants

From way too young to way too blonde, the season premiere of "The Bachelor" has already given fans plenty to talk about.

Welcome to Janu-ARIE.

ABC kicked off 2018 with a new season of "The Bachelor" on Monday, and the premiere has given Bachelor Nation plenty to talk about.

Not only are some fans still hating on the network's decision to cast Arie Luyendyk Jr. -- the runner-up on Emily Maynard's season of "The Bachelorette" in 2012 -- they've already decided on this season's villain, amongst other talking points that erupted on Twitter after the episode aired.

From way too young to way too blonde, here are the four things Bachelor Nation is freaking out about.

Bachelor Nation Hates Chelsea


There's a new shark in the Bachelor waters and her name is Chelsea.

The real estate executive assistant from Portland, Maine, committed the first sins of the season by stealing Arie away from the group, going back for seconds, getting the first real kiss and consequently landing the first impression rose.

Unlike the other ladies, Bachelor Nation doesn't usually hate on the first impression rose winner, but since Chelsea continuously showed her stuck up personality since the moment she entered the mansion, there's a first for everything.

Bachelor So Blonde


Arie sure has a type, doesn't he?

Of the 29 women cast to compete for his heart, 13 are blonde (and almost identical), four are named Lauren, 2 are named Becca, and the majority of them work in the real estate industry.

Coincidence? Bachelor Nation thinks not.

There's a 22-Year-Old


Bekah is a 22-year-old nanny, who introduced herself to the race car driver by driving herself to the mansion in a 1965 Mustang convertible, rather than taking a limo with the rest of the contestants.

She's adorable, smart and seems to be driving straight into Arie's heart, which is good for now, but Bachelor Nation thinks age will become an issue later on in the season once things start getting serious.

Fans Still Miss Peter


NotMyBachelor is still alive and well on social media.

Fans rallied behind the Wisconsin native to land him the coveted role in the upcoming season of "The Bachelor," and were heartbroken when news came that Arie would be taking the crown.

Although some are now thinking, "Arie is the one," others are still missing the other salt and pepper hottie on their TV screens this season.

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