'The View' Shreds Logan Paul's Dead Body Video: 'He's a Complete and Utter Insensitive Idiot'
Women of 'The View' -- Then & Now

"People just have to have some damn common sense," says guest co-host Ana Navarro.

The women of "The View" aren't having Logan Paul's apology, after the YouTube star said he posted a video showing an apparent dead body to "raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention."

The 15-minute video was uploaded Sunday to Paul's 15 million YouTube subscribers, but has since been removed by the video sharing platform. The video titled, "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest," showed Paul and his friends walking through Aokigahara, a forest located at the base of Mount Fuji, known to be a frequent site of suicides. The footage showed the group coming across the corpse of an unidentified man and included several close-ups of his body with only his face blurred out. One of the members of the group was heard saying he didn't "feel good," which elicited the following reply from Paul: "What, you never stand next to a dead guy?" Paul then proceeded to laugh.

"I think he's a complete and utter insensitive idiot and if you watch the video, he starts laughing and his friends start laughing when they see a dead body hanging in the suicide forrest," Meghan McCain said on Tuesday's show.

"My fear right now is we've become so disconnected from each other because of technology with our insistence to video things and we aren't responding to things in real time," she added, comparing society to the Netflix show "Black Mirror."

When she added that YouTube needs to do "a better job" censoring these videos, guest co-host Ana Navarro said people "just need to have some damn common sense."

"This guy is just doing damage control now, pretending he was doing suicide prevention," she said, calling out his apology. "He went there looking for a dead body. He went to a place called 'Suicide Forrest,' looking to film something like this to get the clicks."

"You can't show it and laugh," added Whoopi Goldberg, after Sunny Hostin asked why showing the body was different from "13 Reasons Why" depicting suicide.

"What if this suicide victim's family didn't know he committed suicide and the first time they saw it was on YouTube" asked McCain. "There are a lot of different levels to this that are insane. The insensitivity of some people, especially again, people who are just constantly trying to video things to begin with, [is] very dangerous."

Comparing the video to Newsweek tweeting out a Martin Luther King Jr. article with a photo of the civil rights leader in a casket, Goldberg asked: "Have we become a nation that has become so insensitive that it would never occur to us that maybe showing a dead body, hanging from a tree, might not be the best way to discuss suicide prevention when you're snickering when you begin to talk about it?"

"I think people are looking for the clicks," Navarro added.

"I think as parents we really need to be very careful and make sure our children to cringe and do have empathy," added Hostin, who has two kids of her own.

The video and Paul's apology sparked major backlash, with stars Aaron Paul and Sophie Turner also chiming in to slam the YouTube star. See their reactions here.

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