Jimmy Kimmel Squeezes Potential 'Bachelor' Spoiler Out of Arie Luyendyk Jr.
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Arie tries really hard to keep his mouth shut about his televised love life, but appears to drop a big hint about Chelsea.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. may have spilled a major clue to Jimmy Kimmel about which ladies will land in his final four on "The Bachelor".

The ABC late-night host made his annual predictions on who will win Arie's heart this season on Tuesday night, and the interview got interesting once he brought up a contestant named Chelsea, who fans have already been pinned down as the villain.

"You gave her the first impression rose. She's very attractive, she's aggressive, she's also clearly going to be the villain, so you'll need to keep her around for a while," Kimmel said.

And that's when Arie shook his head "No," prompting a loud reaction from the crowd.

"I think we may have learned something there," Kimmel said.

As for the rest of Kimmel's predictions, the late-night host picked Tia -- who gave Arie a "little wiener" upon meeting him to represent her hometown of Weiner, Arkansas -- as one that will stick around for while, but won't get a ring.

Kimmel predicted that 22-year-old Bekah will be in the final four because "she made the other girls cry in the promo, which means she will be around for awhile."

But against all odds, Kimmel is putting his faith in Becca K.

"Despite a weird start, making you get down on one knee, you seemed into her," Kimmel said. "You also gave her the first rose, which means she's probably the only one whose name you remember."

After all of his predictions were made, mum was still the word for Arie.

"Maybe you won't pick any of them," Kimmel said after his guest's response.

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