Chris Evans Compares Trump Administration to 'Human Centipede'
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It isn't the first time the Captain America star has taken aim at POTUS, calling him at times "narcissistic," "reckless," "shameful," and a "bully."

Chris Evans is no fan of the current administration, but he took his criticism to a very dark (and unpleasant) place in his latest criticism. Marvel's Captain America hearkened back to the film "Human Centipede" when looking for his latest jab at Donald Trump.

In the 2009 film, a mad scientist attached three people together mouth to anus in a visual image that has haunted those who've seen the film and those who haven't just the same. It also spawned countless pop culture parodies, and now it's been perceived as foreshadowing the present day.

The tweet was seemingly in response to Senior White House adviser Miller appearing on CNN earlier today to dismiss reports from Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury" book suggesting Trump likely met with Russians at Trump Tower.

Evans has been outspoken about the Trump administration since before it was an administration, taking to Twitter countless times to voice his displeasure. Below are some of his other more savage attacks toward the president.

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