The View' Debates Possibility of President Winfrey: 'I Love Oprah, But...'
Inside the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

The women of "The View" discuss whether Oprah should run for office in 2020.

Not everyone at "The View" is fully sold on an Oprah Winfrey 2020 ticket.

Twitter exploded with one thought after the talk show legend's passionate and powerful speech at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night: She should be the next president.

Winfrey was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille award at the event and took advantage of her platform to talk about social progress as well as the often difficult and ugly trail it takes toward reality. As she spoke, social media was quickly flooded with hashtags like #Oprah2020, as many threw their support behind her to take over for Donald Trump.

O's speech was one of the Hot Topics Monday morning, where the women of "The View" debated whether she has what it takes to unseat the current president.

Joy Behar -- who never misses a chance to diss Trump -- was obviously ecstatic. "This is Donald Trump's worst nightmare," she exclaimed. "She has had higher ratings, she can throw that in his face every single day!"

Sunny Hostin, however, wasn't completely on board, musing whether we need another entertainer running the country.

"I love Oprah, but don't we already have someone in the White House who has no political experience and it's not going that well," she said. "I don't think you can just step into this role, even if you as beloved [as Winfrey]."

"We need someone who can win, that's all we care about," Behar interjected. "It's more than winning, it's about running the country," Hostin replied.

Republican strategist and guest co-host Ana Navarro, who is not a fan of Trump either, explained why she sees Oprah as a viable candidate.

"I think it speaks to the hunger, the thirst out there for an alternative. There's no clear nominee on the Democratic side," she explained. "If Donald Trump showed us something, it's you can break the box, you can break the mold, you can run outside the borders. Unlike Donald Trump, Oprah didn't start with her daddy's money, she started poor as hell. Unlike Donald Trump, Oprah's never been accused of sexual harassment, she's been sexually abused. Unlike Donald Trump, this woman has faced poverty, she's faced challenge, she is relatable for real."

While Meghan McCain didn't question whether Oprah could be president, she wondered if she'd actually want to.

"Right now she has an 80% Q Score," McCain said, referencing her appeal. "When you run for president you're automatically, just announcing, you're polarizing the country. I don't know if she wants that."

"I don't know her, I don't know anything about her, but she has businesses across the country," she added. "If I were Democrats right now, I would be looking at Joe Biden, I would be looking at Michelle Obama. I wouldn't underestimate [Oprah], it's not that I don't think she could be president, it's just does she ultimately want to?"

"She does," joked Behar. "She's done everything. What's the next step? Run the world!"

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