The Real Melania Trump's Most Memorable Fashion Moments

Stephen Colbert's Faux-lania is just fine with her husband ignoring her for McDonald's cheeseburgers.

Melania Trump has finally responded to some of the shocking claims made about her and her husband, President Donald Trump, in Michael Wolff's tell-all, "Fire & Fury."

Well, kinda.

Stephen Colbert's faux first lady (Laura Benanti) made another "Late Show" appearance on Wednesday night, and it was hilarious as usual.

"Is anything in this book true?" Stephen Colbert asked "Melania," who showed up via satellite. "Absolutely not, Stephen, it is pure fiction. Fake book! Every word is lie!"

"So you didn't cry on Election Night?" Colbert pressed.

"Oh, no no, that is true. But they were tears of happiness," she responded, "You know, like you do at your wedding ... or every morning in the mirror."

The host then asked what she thought of Wolff's accusation that everybody in the White House calls POTUS an idiot. "Not everybody," she replied. "One of our grandchildren can't even talk yet!"

Colbert moved on to some of the more hilarious claims in the book, which says the president and first lady sleep in separate rooms and he prefers to be in bed by 6:30 p.m., surrounded by cheeseburgers.

"That is a lie, I haven't slept since the election!" Faux-lania said when asked about the first claim. As for the cheeseburger thing: "Oh, it is true. That's why we don't share a room, there is no space for me with cheeseburger -- which is why I always make sure there is cheeseburger."

She went on to "thank" the fast food staple for its "service," before proving that she might be a "flight risk."

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