'The View' Star Sunny Hostin Shreds POTUS for 'Sh-thole' Remark: 'I Can Say Now, Donald Trump Is a Racist'
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"The View" co-host, whose family is from Haiti, unloads on POTUS for his remarks about the country.

Sunny Hostin didn't sugarcoat it Friday morning on "The View," saying Donald Trump's latest controversial comments led to her realization that the president is a racist.

According to The Washington Post, the group was discussing immigration and visa lottery system when Trump asked why the United States would want immigrants "from all these sh-thole countries" like Haiti and African nations instead of countries like Norway. Trump later denied the remarks, tweeting, "The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used."

But Hostin, whose husband is Haitian, wasn't hearing it.

"I took this so personally. I spent the holidays in Haiti, my father-in-law was born and raised there, he came here and raised his family - including two doctors and an engineer," she passionately explained. "He does so much, not only for this country, but also for his home country."

"For this president to say that that country is a sh-thole, I felt like he was talking about my father-in-law, my husband, our children, because they are Haitian," she continued. "I spend a lot of time in Haiti and it as a beautiful country. I have said repeatedly, 'I can't look into Donald Trump's heart and I can't say he's a racist.' I can say now: Donald Trump is a racist."

"I can say that now and I hate saying it, but I can say it now," she went on. "His history of racism is very well documented but I felt because I didn't know him that well and he had so many people normalizing his behavior, this is just how he talks," Hostin said. "If his base likes this type of biased and racist behavior, shame on them."

Whoopi Goldberg said she could have possibly overlooked his remarks if he hadn't also said the United States needs more people from Norway. "To me, that's like saying, we don't want y'all brown people because you're not doing anything," she said, "We want people from Norway. Just so you know, they don't want you to be their president. They're not coming there for that!"

Joy Behar then pointed out how Norwegians have free health care, stronger gun laws and free education. "People come here because they're trying to improve their lives, not make it worse," she said.

"I happen to be encouraged that he loved Norway," Behar added, "Maybe he'll move there!"

Watch their fired-up discussion below:

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