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Everyone was waiting for a double pregnancy announcement, but this is what we got instead.

Sorry, but the "big" announcement wasn't Kylie Jenner's pregnancy.

While many thought the promo for this week's two-night "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" special was teasing a confirmation from the 20-year-old reality star, that wasn't the case.

Instead, the family learned news fans already knew: Khloe Kardashian has a bun in the oven.

Khloe learned she was expecting at the top of Monday's episode, first sharing the news with Tristan Thompson off-camera before telling her assistant Alexa.

"I'm super nervous but really excited," she said in a confessional. "I think I'm in a state of shock and I don't believe it, a good shock. It's the weirdest, best, craziest sh-t. It's totally a blessing, it's just really real."

The two waited until a BBQ at Kris Jenner's home to share the news with everyone else. Tristan's family was also in attendance. "Koko, wanna throw the hammer down?" Thompson said, before Khloe spilled the beans, shouting, "We're having a baby!"

"Khloe, oh my god. I'm so happy for you," Kris exclaimed. "I just never thought this one would be able to have a baby. I just want you to be happy."

In a confessional, Jenner added, "Hearing this news is the most special thing anyone could ever tell me. I'm ecstatically surprised. There's no one who was born to do this more than Khloe."

Neither Kendall or Kylie were there for the announcement, but learned the news via FaceTime. "Well, you missed the BBQ, I wanted to tell you something, that's why I said it would be important for you to be here," Khloe told Kylie.

"Are you pregnant? Are you really, I'm gonna cry! I'm so happy for you!" she replied.

Khloe has since been on a media tour talking about her own pregnancy, check out her Kimmel interview below:

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