'RHOA' Fight of the Night: Kenya Loses It When Kim Calls 'Bullsh-t' on NeNe's Energy Reader
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Kim Zolciak gets into it with the energy reader, and it all hits the fan on Sunday's "Real Housewives of Atlanta."

NeNe Leakes decided to have all the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" meet with an energy reader to address all the "elephants" within their circle, and everything went smoothly.

Kidding! It was a signature "Housewives" mess, and we loved every second of it.

The energy reader -- Mbele -- threw everyone off almost immediately by asking them to turn in their phones. All were reluctant, but all complied -- except for Kim Zolciak and Porsha Williams.

Mbele read the energies of some of the women as Kim played with Porsha's hair and made sly comments about how "bananas" the whole situation was. But Kim didn't really speak up until Mbele suggested to Cynthia Bailey that the man she's dating is an opportunist, as many of the women have told her.

"I've never heard shit like this, so I don't want you to get messed up by what somebody's saying," Kim said to Cynthia. Mbele did not like hearing that. She also did not like hearing Kim say everything Mbele was saying was "bullshit."

"Listen, OK, I am really tired of this back and forth," Kenya Moore finally interrupted. "So either we're gonna sit here and we're gonna listen, or you can f-cking leave because I'm tired of this stupid shit that's going on constantly. Like, who the f-ck are you?"

After Kim denied Mbele's offer to give her a "bath," a pissed off Mbele got up and left, leaving Kandi Burruss to take over as mediator. Kandi then tried to address the "elephant" between NeNe and Porsha, but just like the last time they tried to hash things out, NeNe wasn't having it.

After everyone left, NeNe asked Kim to stay behind so they could chat privately.

"I always feel like the energy's off," NeNe told Kim. "Like, you came in the house saying, 'You pulled up in the handicap space,' this and that. Just before I did the all-white party, Gregg has only been out of the hospital a few days. And you had a heart issue. I think you would be most sympathetic."

"I would never make fun of something like that, especially your husband," Kim said. "You know Gregg, honestly, on my kids' lives, he's one of the most incredible men that's ever walked this planet. And Brielle is obsessed with you as well."

"I'm just trying to understand. Why are we always off?" NeNe asked.

"I don't feel like you're yourself," Kim replied. "I feel like you're off. I feel like at your party, you were not really there."

"I was very much there," NeNe said. "I had a great time until you guys were doing your thing. I had fun."

Kim apologized for lashing out at Kenya during NeNe's party, then said, "I really wondered if you were on f-cking drugs at your house."

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sunday night on Bravo.

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