"Saturday Night Live" 40th Anniversary

"I cannot walk down the street without people shouting out 'Tucci Gang,'" says the actor.

While some celebrities and a certain president hate to see themselves on "SNL," actor Stanley Tucci is not one of those people.

On Wednesday, Tooch revealed he's genuinely "flattered" Pete Davidson dedicated an entire sketch to him this past weekend with a music video called "Tucci Gang."

"I just wanted to tell you how flattered I am by your brilliant tribute to me. My kids, my wife, my friends and I just loved it," Tucci said in an e-mail Davidson posted to Instagram on Wednesday. "To see [host Sam Rockwell] whom I have known since he was in knee pants and whom I adore, as me, was an even greater honor (although kind of disturbing!)"

"I have been bombarded with the most joyful emails about it and I cannot walk down the street without people shouting out 'Tucci Gang,'" he added. "You guys are fantastic! With great admiration, Stan."

On Saturday, Davidson spoofed rapper Lil Pump and his song "Gucci Gang" with the clever homage, which saw Rockwell popping up as the character actor himself.

The song mocked the fact that while we all recognize Tucci's work in films such as "Transformers," "The Hunger Games" and "The Devil Wears Prada," some people have have a hard time remembering his name.

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