Katy Perry Goes Swish, Swish Bish Right Into a Jellyfish
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She gets knocked down, she gets up again, but then she falls directly on top of a jellyfish.

Katy Perry just went swish, swish bish right into a jellyfish.

The pop star and new "American Idol" judge posted an Instagram video Thursday showcasing her, uh, skills on a water jet pack, which looked super fun...briefly.

The pleasant actively quickly turned painful shortly after take off when she lost her balance and plummeted back into the water, right onto a jellyfish. No joke. Perry even provided photographic evidence of the sting.

"TBT to when I thought I was winning 2018 and then fell into a jellyfish," Perry captioned the video, which is accompanied by Chumbawamba's classic '90s song "Tubthumping," which is lyrically appropriate.

Watch the video to see Perry get a little cocky by blowing kisses as she hovers in the air. It looks like she lost her balance when she pulled her swimsuit bottoms down to flash her friends some bum, which is just another incredible element of this celebrity funniest home video.

#tbt to when I thought I was winning 2018 and then fell into a jellyfish. kewl.

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