Instagram Adonis and Actor Nick Bateman Answers Age-Old Question: Would He Sell His Sperm?
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Model-actor tells TooFab someone even offered to buy his dog.

With over 7 million Instagram followers, it's no surprise model-actor Nick Bateman has received some pretty questionable messages.

In fact, someone once asked Bateman to buy his sperm. (But can ya blame them?)

"Yeah, I would have to be offered millions," he told TooFab in a recent interview. "Kidding, I would never consider selling my sperm."

Bateman said he's also received messages from fans saying they've been cat-fished on dating sites by people who've used his photos. One person even asked to buy his Yorkie, Joey, but Bateman politely declined.

Currently filming "Matchmaker's Playbook," Bateman said the transition from model to actor has been relatively seamless "and enjoyable," but that his physical appearance has somewhat stunted his growth.

"I think because of my modeling past, I always get requested to do romances when in fact I love action and horror genres," he said. "I still have yet to do a horror flick, but it's on the list! I would like to think at the end of the day, hard work and tenacity is what counts, but unfortunately sometimes that just isn't the case. And I don't doubt it's hindered me from getting certain roles."

See what else Bateman told TooFab in the Q&A below.

Has your social media following ever affected a potential acting role -- for better or for worse?

I'm sure it has for both ends of the spectrum. I definitely know it's procured some of my recent acting roles, but I don't doubt that it's hindered me from getting certain roles.

Do you think your Insta-fame matters to directors and producers when it comes to casting?

I would assume some directors would like it because of the world we live in with the social media aspect of it, but then other directors I'm sure don't care for it and solely focus on the art of acting, etc.

You earned the Golden Maple Award for Outstanding Social Media Achievement in 2016. What kind of pressure does that come with?

Honestly, I don't really get wrapped up in the idea of having a lot of followers. I just focus on my career and what makes me happy in life. Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful for all of my followers -- for all their support and encouragement -- I just don't get lost in the idea of being a social influencer.

You're currently filming "Matchmaker's Playbook," based on the Rachel Van Dyken novel. What can you tell us about your role in that movie?

Yes, I'm filming "Matchmaker's Playbook" at the moment, and I play the role of Ian Hunter -- a former NFL player turned mastermind of Wingmen, Inc. My character is a dating expert who helps hopeless women step up their game in the dating world. I play alongside Caitlin Carver and Tyler Johnson. I believe the movie will be released in March of next year.

What can you tell us about the mystery-thriller, "The Perception"?

I filmed "The Perception" earlier this year, and I played the role of Matt Saunders, who may or may not be the villain. The movie will be out later next year, so be on the lookout for it.

What's the best story you have of filming "Hobo with a Shotgun"?

There's a scene with Rutger Hauer and I where I had to use a fake wooden switch blade knife. Take after take, the knife kept falling out of my back pocket, so I suggested that we use the dull-bladed real prop knife to save some time. Rutger looked at me and said, "Shut your mouth!" So one take later, the director said, "Let's get the real knife in there." Rugter looked over at me with the biggest death stare. It was quite the experience. It was a great honor to work with the legend, Rutger Hauer.

You co-wrote and starred in the video short, "Gambit." What was it like writing your own lines? Is script writing something you'd like to pursue?

I co-produced and wrote the short for "Gambit" while working in between other projects and shoots, so I had no choice but to write the script last minute in my car right before filming it. I really enjoy writing scripts. I actually wrote one for a movie idea I had years ago. Maybe one day when I have the time to film it, you might be able to watch it! I definitely would like to continue doing screenwriting for my upcoming projects.

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