Why Heidi Montag Is 'Blacklisted' from Mommy and Me Groups
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Spencer and Heidi Pratt break down their new parenting problem on their new podcast.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt used to worry about getting into the hottest nightclubs in Hollywood. These days, they're trying to break into a different kind of club.

The two are parents to three-month-old son Gunner launched their new podcast, "Make Speidi Famous Again," on Wednesday, where the two complained about the difficulty they've had joining Mommy and Me groups.

"Heidi's like blacklisted from the Mommy and Me cliques, which I keep telling her, 'Who wants to be in a selective Mommy and Me selective mean girl [group]?'" Spencer revealed during the first episode.

Heidi said one particular group in Brentwood -- which she guessed was full of famous members -- kept rejecting her. "I thought 'Oh maybe I could be a normal person who gets in there' like 'Ugh washed up reality star, do not let her in," she explained. "It's so weird, every time I keep going up to the Mommy and Me groups they're like 'Group's full.' I'm like, okay, group's full? I've tried joining day one when group was not full!"

"So I'm just gonna join a Mommy and Me group at a church or something," she added, while Spencer said she should just try using an alias.

"We have always wanted a platform to allow our audience to get the real scoop on us, as well as our viewpoints on all things pop culture," the Pratts said of their new podcast. "So many people have had so much to say about who we are. Now it's our turn to lay it all out there!"

A press release for the show promises the two will, "pull back the curtain on their lives, share their adventure into parenthood, invite celebrity friends for conversation, and give their trademark takes on the latest in pop culture and reality television."

New episodes will drop weekly.

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