'Shameless' Star Sammi Hanratty Teases Wild Finale and Talks 'Crazy' Timing of Dead Body Storyline
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"The last episode is going to end with somebody in handcuffs," the actress who plays Carl's wife, Kassidi, tells TooFab.

"Shameless" star Sammi Hanratty was feeling a little déjà vu when YouTuber Logan Paul published a controversial video in the Japanese Suicide Forrest just a few days before her psychotic character, Kassidi, decided to take selfies with a dead body.

"How crazy is it that we filmed this in October and [the writers] thought, 'What is the craziest thing that Kassidi could be doing?' And they decided, you know, taking a picture with a dead body," Hanratty told TooFab while stopping by our studio ahead of Sunday's finale.

"Then of course that wonderful YouTuber decided, 'Wow, I'm going to do this too' right before that episode came out," she continued. "I just thought that was so interesting."

Hanratty came on board as a "Shameless" regular this season after falling for Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) while chained up in the basement as part of his makeshift rehab program. If that wasn't crazy enough, her character upped the ante by trapping her teenage beau into marriage, then demanded he take her on a tour of his old stomping grounds at a homeless encampment under a bridge. Her sociopathic behavior reached new heights when they stumbled upon a dead homeless man in a shack, and she insisted on taking selfies with the body and posting them on Snapchat.

"I just hope people realize that I am nothing like that character and I know that that video affected a lot of people in a very negative way -- obviously it affected me in a very negative way," she said. "I was, you know, very upset that somebody would put that out there -- so I thought that it was just really interesting that we thought of the craziest thing that Kassidi could be doing and then he decided to do that in real life."

Fans of "Shameless" know Carl is risking his future by being in a relationship with Kassidi, and Hanratty agrees -- he needs to ditch her and get his butt back to military school to continue his path on the straight and narrow. But the Gallagher men have a habit of falling for problematic women, as we know from Frank's relationship with the kids' now-deceased mother, Monica.

"They're just always attracted to crazy," Hanratty said. "So I definitely think that it's maybe some of Carl's mom issues coming up and that's maybe why he's more attracted to Kassidi."

"I call her Little Monica," Hanratty told TooFab.

Hanratty also teased that Kassidi's level of crazy jumped up a notch in the season finale on Sunday. A preview of the episode teased Carl ends up handcuffed to the bed.

"It's so funny because I'm like she can't get much more crazy than this and then I read the next script and I'm like, 'Oh, wow, we did it,'" Hanratty said. "So this last episode, I think she hits one of her peaks for sure."

"Handcuffs play a lot into Carl and Kassidi's relationship if you've noticed throughout the season," she added. "So it's nice that the last episode is going to end with somebody in handcuffs."

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